The Vale
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A great cataclysm shook the earth and boiled the seas while the sky rained fire and mountains exploded, turning the sky red.

These became known as the Days of Fire.

On that day, the map was re-drawn, and from new lands which rose from the earth came new and terrifying races, swarming across the face of the earth, bringing terror and violence in their wake.

Looking down on this conflict, god and demon alike chose sides and offered bargains and covenants to the mortals, attempting to shape the world into the image of their choosing.

Then, the Vale was discovered....

The Vale is a festival style, live action role playing game built around the competition for resources in a post-apocalyptic high fantasy world.

The game is designed around a competition for resources between the two sides in the conflict which each hope will tip the balance of the war in their favour.

The two camps will be separated on the site by a considerable distance with approximately 100 acres of woodland, hills and lakes between them. Players will have to scout across this ground to ensure that their side is the one which leaves the valley with the most resources to aid the war effort back in the wider world.

In addition to the obvious competition between the two camps it is anticipated that there will be a great deal of opportunity for inter-group politics and rivalry within each camp.

The resources recovered from the valley may be made into superior equipment, allowing the players to use more powerful effects for their characters and creating an arms race between each camp and, to a lesser extent, between groups within each camp. Player crafters will need to make these superior items, and so there will also be ample opportunity for crafting and trade.