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His Grace The Duke of Clearwater Everlon Torell

AKA Etcetera

Everlon, almost universally known as "Etcetera" is a watcher. Very much so, you can tell by the tweed. He aims to be better than the watcher's council were at being part of the supernatural community rather than above it.

He went mystiously missing in 2003, shortly before the destruction of the Watcher's council, only to resurface in October 2015.

He went mysteriously missing in October 2015, with 75 other guests at the Hotel Leyes in Heywater, only to resurface (with them) in October 2016.

He is currently not mysteriously missing, and generally pleased with this state of affairs.


 His Grace The Duke of Clearwater Everlon Torell, of the Watcher's Council. Chairperson and Director of Clearwater Fox Vanderbilt.
He who says the words. He who can be harmed. He who lives again.

Known Status


Status for Fiction

I'd like to be able to clear it first for standard stuff, Not without specific permission for NSFW.