Scourging Force
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Welcome to the Demon Scourge, the most powerful force of evil and 
destruction the universe has ever seen. Despoiling world after world under 
the command of the Dread Lord Vile, nowhere is safe from our glorious dark 

Powered by Lord Vile's demon horde, the army uses twisted magics and dark 
pacts to destroy or control everything in its path. As a soldier in Lord 
Vile's army, it is your duty and your privilege to crush all opposition you 
face as we march onwards to glory.

Negotiate with secretive and inscrutable demons for favours and boons, 
develop and deploy potent technomantic weapons, mutate your own body to 
acquire powerful special abilities, or even bend the forces of death itself 
to your will.

Scourging Force is a primarily-PvE game, with strong PvP opportunities. 
Lead battles against Angelic forces and strange, alien monsters to bring 
glory to yourself and your comrades; or betray and politick your way to the 
top of the army, and gain all the power for yourself.