New Sky Thinking

For a long time they have remained dormant. But now the great geomantic engines stir, and the Nexus returns. Strange and ancient powers, awoken by the shapers, course through the fabric of this new and fragile reality. Are you bold enough to harness them? What will you do with those who dare? This is the first game in the concluding half of ReGenesis, and we have sought to make it something particularly special. Our venue is a 4-star hotel that includes luxury accommodation, AV equipment, a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a jacuzzi - if you’re so inclined, pack swimming gear! We are also expanding our character and crew limits. If you are considering giving ReGenesis a try, or have been tempted to return, now is the perfect time to do so. At this point, everything is very much still to play for. Booking details will be released soon.