Carthage is a holy dominion. The seldom-seen rulers of Carthage and her dependent cities are the direct descendants of the last remaining survivors of the Trojan War. This extended, aristocratic family rules supreme over the inhabitants of this smoky, brooding sprawl. Their deadly African mercenary armies mercilessly eradicate murmurs of dissent or rebellion, for no one must question the Children of Dido who rule by divine right. Personally blessed by Tanit and Ba’al-Hammon, they naturally have the full support of the priesthood. These are the true inheritors of the heroic tradition of ancient Greece, whatever the present day Greeks may think. When the majority of Alexander’s armies were wiped out and the great Greek heroes were slain by the gods of rebellious Persians and Egyptians, only Carthage, proud and true, remained loyal to the ideals of Hector, Paris and Priam. Meanwhile the hubristic children of Agamemnon met their just and final fate.

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Groups within Carthage

  • Aynukmelita
  • The Pillars