New Pathways in Lycanthropy
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New Pathways in Lycanthropy is a one day refresher course for all professionals who are charged with managing incidents involving Lycanthropes.
In this exciting new course we will cover the most current legislation and what it means to you; the latest information on UK Lycanthrope statistics and demographics; fresh new research on the subject; best practice in dealing with a Crisis or Attack; First Aid for Lycanthropy and Lycanthrope related incidents.

This course is recommended for the following professionals:
Police (general)
Police – Lycanthropy Response Units (as a supplement to your regular training)
Paramedics, GPs, Doctors and Nurses
Lycanthropy Management Facility staff (as a supplement to your regular training)
Human Resources personnel
Those with a position of authority or care toward others including lycanthropes.

The course starts at 12am with a casual buffet lunch, meet and greet before getting more in depth. Refreshments are available throughout the day.
Delegates are encouraged to arrive from 11am to settle in and refreshment.