Mythlore: New Lands
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Mythlore 'New Lands' is a new annual LARP event set in the far and Mystic East of the Mythlore world.

Originally established back in 1985, the Mythlore system explored the Lands of Albion for many years, priding itself in pioneering use of full bespoke monster costumes and masks in the early years of LRP, created by Mark Cordory ( However, now those tales are told, and the time has finally come turn our attention to the Far East of the Mythlore game world, and the new and unexplored lands surrounding the wide Persyrian Sea.

Inspired by legends and tales such as 1001 Arabian Nights, and set in the lands of Perasia, Keshmir, Kassarabia, Xianbei and beyond, Mythlore New Lands seeks to create a fresh and colourful game world with a strong emphasis on beautiful visuals, full creatures costumes, puppets and fabulous set dressing and props. 

The setting of Candleston in South Wales UK, with some of the largest sand dunes in Europe is the perfect location to explore the vast desert wastes leading all the way to the sea, and in these New Lands you'll bargain with Sultans and battle Djinns, browse the market stalls of the Balsora Souk and relax in the welcoming surroundings of the Saracen's Head tavern whilst being entertained by professional belly dancers, and feasting on full Eastern banquets.

Mythlore aims to provide the highest possible level of production for a full immersive experience, and last year the first game in this new scenario garnered awards at the 2013 UK LARP Awards including Best Medium sized LRP Event of the year, an honourable mention for it's innovative use of puppets, and the award for best NPC (which also happened to be a puppet). This year we aim to make the event even more spectacular and further develop the game system which seeks to encourage inventive and collaborative play rather than constraining players (and crew) with too many constrictive rules.

The event runs from Friday 19th September to Sunday 21st, with the opportunity to arrive earlier in the week to help with the extensive set construction.

You can visit the new official site at: or visit us on facebook at: Mythlore LRP/LARP further event details will be announced as they become available.

We hope to see you there...

Inside the Saracen