(Inquisitor) Valentyna Ivanova Bashvilli Kovska

AKA Valya

The daughter of a family of traders in the Hinterlands of Fidelia, Valya was sent to the Kovska Abbey at a young age to be raised in the light of the Teacher. She grew up surrounded by recovering warriors and paladins of the Faith, sent to the Abbey for counselling and healing after their toils in Hell. When she began to receive visions, Valya was sent to the New World herself, to discover the path that the Teacher had laid before her.

There she found her brother, Renian Bashvilli, who she had not seen since childhood, as well as Sasha, who travelled just weeks after Valya said her farewells to the family. 


Usually found in or around the Vodka Bar, the Tea House or wherever the Inquisitor is.

Known Status


Status for Fiction

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