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Falon Ap Galen

Falon Ap Galen

Falon Ap Galen was a renowned Gazulian Inquisitor in the Dwarves of Borthawr, who actively engaged in visible fieldwork due to his outgoing personality. He rose to particular prominence when the Carreg Gwyn appointed him to the position of Pen Gwyn.

Early Life

Falon was born in early 1060AF, the son of Galen and Brendur. He was the third of four children, with an older sister and brother and a younger sister (an unusually large family that was often attributed to Galen's advanced medicine).

Galen was a healer of great skill, and although Falon didn't have any aptitude for magic he studied keenly from his father from an early age. Galen had learnt techniques from books gathered from across the Heartlands, and Falon read these volumes too, picking up titbits of information about other nations beyond Cymrija. His thirst for knowledge and open-mindedness were noted by the Inquisition and, in order to both harness his studious nature and to ensure that the knowledge Falon picked up was appropriate, he was invited to study under the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith at the tender age of 28.

He and his family saw this offer as a great honour, and Falon left his home to live permanently with the Inquisition. He continued to work diligently, but his study was now controlled by senior Inquisitors. This led to both more focus in the subjects that he learnt, and a greater depth of understanding due to the larger library to which he was given access. A combination of personality profiling, subtle testing and magical discerning showed that his loyalty to Borthawr was unwavering. As such in 1102, when his studies had progressed sufficiently far and he had reached the appropriate age, he was inducted as an Inquisitor himself.

Inquisitorial Duties

After a further two years of studying the inner mysteries of the Inquisition, Falon was sent on his first foray out of Dwarven lands in order to attend the Heartland Games 1104 alone (at the majority of the time the Dragons Faction was engaged in a war with the Empire, so the military might of the Dwarves of Borthawr was tied up). On this and similar missions, he successfully made friendly contacts in a number of factions, building the reputation of the Dwarves of Borthawr whilst gaining useful information.

Of particular note were the contacts he made within the Jackals Faction, whilst following certain leads. For example he befriended their Warmaster Teddy Buntin, took on the role of Dragons Ambassador to the Jackals for a while, and even joined the Jackals warband on an expedition to the Isle of Punt. That latter mission was especially important as they discovered traces of Dwarven artifice there in the form of forges whose style dated back to Borthawr's early days.

Inspired by the good work of Barruf Troedio and eager to tap into its network of informants, Falon joined the Militia Guild in 1105. He became a notable member of the Special Projects division, working closely with the Guildmasters to share information about the current events in the Heartlands, and to solve unusual problems. He was widely regarded as a font of endless knowledge within the Guild.

Falon continued to gather information on various subjects for the Inquisition's library. The turning point in his career came following the "Cataclysm" of 1106. In the disastrous earthquake that rocked Rhegedd, Falon lost his mother and all three siblings. As one of Gazul's followers, Falon was involved in administering the death rites for the hundreds of kinsmen that had perished. His dedication to the awful task and his care in respecting the emotions of survivors increased his reputation within the Inquisition. He felt the hand of the Ancestor upon him during these dark days, and was granted the ability to incant in Gazul's name.

Following the tragedy of 1106, Falon agreed to establish a Miltia guildhouse within the Hold of Borthawr itself. As the highest ranking Guild member in the area he nominally controlled the Borthawr Militia, but left the running of the guildhouse and its forces to local officers.

Pen Gwyn

With the loss of the Carreg Rhyn on the Gathering battlefield in 1106, a new leader came forth for the Dwarven nation in the form of the Carreg Gwyn. Realising that she was relatively unknown amongst her people, she cunningly chose Falon to be her official concubine (this was a position of title only, as Falon was no equal to the prowess of the Bronzeguard). He was a respected member of the community, mathematically clever enough to adjust the tax rules to the Queen's liking, and unswervingly loyal to the throne.

Appointed as the Pen Gwyn, Falon became the Queen's voice in the field. The Carreg Gwyn herself chose to rule from within Borthawr itself. The Hold had suffered greatly recently, and staying with the people helped to buoy the people's morale and to cement her power.

As Falon's faith in Gazul strengthened over time, so did he involve himself in the Incantors' Guild. His interaction with the Guild reached its peak in early 1106, and he was even the personal aide for Mistress Cai'Lin.

Latter Days

Falon spent much of his time in various of the guilds, especially increasing his involvement in the Scouts' Guild (who as specialists in information gathering were a natural fit for Falon's career).

Just like many of the Dwarves of Borthawr, Falon was a contributor to the rituals that the group regularly performed. It was in 1113 that this role became his undoing. In a notorious ritual at that year's Gathering of Nations, most of the active members of the unit were lost to the void, Falon amongst their number. Their patterns have not been contactable since and it is assumed that all participants died.


Unit: Dwarves of Borthawr
Faction: Dragons
Race: Dwarf

Character Skills

  • Incantation 1
  • Contribute to Ritualist
  • Potion Lore
  • Poison Lore
  • Cartography
  • Sense Magic
  • Evaluate
  • Recognise Forgery

Occupational Skills

  • Forensic Analysis
  • Herb Lore
  • Oath Sworn Militia
  • Create Potion 2
  • Tracking
  • Dedicated Follower
  • Newsmonger
  • Immune to Fear
  • Detect and Remove Beguile
  • Immune to Charms

Known Status


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