Glass Shadows
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Humanity has been hit hard, many of the colonies have been reduced to charred glass. The war is over. What will humanity do next?

Old hatreds and sympathies are starting to re-emerge. The Government is barely holding on, and there are people who would be willing to use this opportunity to strike at what remains of a civilised world.

So now, you are needed. Soldiers, Officers, Civilians, everyone. We need to band together and ensure that Humanity doesn't fall into the abyss over which it teeters. Task Force UNITY is recruiting now.

Glass Shadows is a new LARP based on the Halo Universe. It concentrates on the aftermath of the Human-Covenant war, set in 2560 (7 years after the end of the war, and 3 years after the events of Halo 4). The UNSC and UEG are trying their best to stop any Insurrectionist movements from flaring up again, but with all of what's going on, they need specialists to work together and strike first at these terrorists and rebels.

Glass Shadows is a co-operative team based LARP, focusing on the choices made by the players and the morality of the world around them. They will have to make hard choices, face down friends and enemies alike and ensure the safety of Humanity as a whole.

We are looking to run a test mission in early 2014, with our first event being in summer 2014. 
At the moment, we're setting up a website a forums for people to use, but for now, please look at the following links for more info:

Facebook group: Link
Rules document: Link