Future's End
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Earth is no longer the sole preserve of humanity, with new beings now walking among them in the form of mutants, aliens and ethereals. Future's End players embody these meta-types, gifted with super-powers which they use to try and better the world, as well as protect it from those who would use their powers for evil.Set in an alternative near-future reality in which super-powered beings are commonplace, Future's End is an 18+ PvPvE Live Action Role Playing game designed for a wide variety of archetypes.

They are faced with the tough choice of whether to become part of Operation:Alpha (an independent super-hero faction) or Project:Omega (a government employed body) as they face off against some of the worlds most powerful supervillains, all the while trying to manipulate the media in their favour so as to see their faction triumph over the other...

Welcome to Future's End.