The First Tradition
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“For one hundred years the city of Friarton-on-Sea has been sealed against all supernatural influence, elders of the surrounding cities speculated as to why, expendable childer were sent to investigate, those that returned spoke of an invisible force that prevented their access, pushing back with equal force.

Only their mortal allies, uncorrupted by any supernatural influence found their way unimpeded.  Mortals came and went from the city oblivious and apparently unaffected.

They gained what influence they could and pulled strings from afar, the inexorable march of technology made the distance less of a hindrance.  

The unique circumstance of having holdings outside of the city made for interesting politics for Friarton’s neighbours.  And so it was throughout the upheaval of the twentieth century.  

It was with no small amount of consternation, for the invested parties, that word reached the Prince of Elvsdale, that the barrier had fallen and the old Prince had once again claimed Praxis of his city…


Into this unique situation you have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to this place.  Your elders have investments they want to keep hold of, perhaps you wish to attempt to stake a claim yourself, the lure of untapped prey is enough for many.

Such a journey is dangerous for kindred, to move from one city to another is rare.  But regardless of risk the opportunities are too good to pass up.”