Varushka – Vale of Triosk

A Price Paid In Blood

Varushka is beset on every side with horrors from the night, barbarians in their unending hordes, and the complacency of the weak.

We tread a narrow path in the Empire's history. On one side lies prosperity, the other ruin. On one side lies freedom, the other death. On one side lies the Empire, and all it stands for, and on the other side lies an end to all we once knew.

Eight long years ago we held the line to prevent Varushka's total destruction, and we paid dearly for it. But while the eight years since have been hard, they have been prosperous. They have seen homes once burned to the ground raised again and warded from harm. They have seen mines left empty but for the echoes of the dead become productive once more. And they have seen the Vale grow from a surviving vigilant few protecting from incursion, to a thriving community who truly embody what it means to say that we are the bones of the Empire.

Part of Varushka

Note: The Vale is now inactive, sorry!


Varushka vale group played straight-down-the-line. Fairly loose with requirements - most character concepts will fit; have a chat with us if you have any questions. Nominally we are a Banner (and are led by one of the Varushkan generals), but there's options on a Night Coven and various sects in play as well if you're interested. Ask us for more details.

The primary focus in uptime is to act as a home base and support network. We do group food, and have a fire to chat, sing, and drink at in the evenings. In addition, we're looking to stick our fingers into lots of different parts of the game, from economic to military to politics to magery to lineage to religion. We're currently stuck into fighting and magic most heavily at the moment, though we're happy to support a much broader range of character concepts.

Why Play With Us

You want to:

  • Play with a friendly and supportive group.
  • Have somewhere fun to come back to after hours.
  • Get stuck into (and help build) a web of political connections.
  • Play a unique character concept that might not fit in other, more focused groups.
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