Varushka – Ula's Sisterhood

We are ready

You! What are you doing on the roads? Can't you see the sun's going down? Don't you know there's a sovereign not a day's walk away? You'd best fall in with us. You'll be safer behind good stone and strong wards, and there's always something for idle hands to do. Chopping and cooking and riveting, and so on. Unless - well. Do you know how to hold a sword?

Part of Varushka

Update: although we're still recruiting openly, we'd like more schlachta in particular.

We're Varushkan Warders, based out of Volodmartz (That's the one with the *extra* deep, dark woods.) No special kit or backstory or even skillset requirements (Wardens need to be really flexible), though a) some combat skill is preferred, b) this is unlikely to be the group to be playing the economic game in and c) we already have a leader of sorts.

All in all, really a very down-the-line Warden group straight out of the brief at this point. Focus in uptime will probably be on dealing with *weird* threats to the empire and threats to the road networks; we're not really here to kill ten orcs for breakfast unless they're also trying to pull through a creeping horror from the Dark realm.

Contact us at csmith.pub@googlemail.com

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