Varushka – Family Gremani

We show our Pride through battle & song

Many lifetimes past, in the harsh winter land of Miekarova, a small stronghold was cobbled together by three Brothers. These were the Brothers Gremani, and countless were their battles against Wolves and Sovereigns both. Some battles were lost, but more were won. The Gremani were soon joined by others, and slowly the Brothers extended their reach and brought a bloody peace to a small area of forest and a stretch of the Great Road. 

Since the days of the three Brothers, the Family Gremani has grown and flourished. The Family now fills the much-extended stronghold, and in times of peace spills out into the forest. The Changeling lineage is strong in the Family, as is their sense of pride. Wisdom and cunning are valued above all.
The Gremani work tirelessly to protect their area of the forest, and to provide a safe haven for those who would travel the road. In the harsh winters, the Gremani dig deep and gather their strength, knowing that the battle horn could sound at any moment. In this part of Varushka the snow is often as red as it is white. Even in the warmer season, they are ever watchful. 

It is sometimes difficult for an outsider to identify the head of the family. Although name & age seems to have something to do with it, for any given issue there seems to be a different Family member giving the orders. 

The traveller breathes a cautions sigh of relief at the sight of a pale feather tied to a low branch, thankful that Silver Feather is barely an hour's walk away. This large stone building is part of the original stronghold, and acts as the Gremani meeting house. It is well-known for its warm hearth and full barrel that welcomes visitors, provided of course that the traveller approaches and greets the Family in the correct manner. For many are the dangers of the forest, and cunning are their ways. 

During the hours of the sun the Family attend to serious matters, for laziness has no place in Varushka. When the sun slips below the tress, however, then business has no place at the table. Then is the time for drinking warm spiced wine and singing tales of great battles! The drums and fire are used to keep the darkness at bay, until break of dawn.

The stronghold hosts a lively market at the spring and autumn equinox, where merchants from Karov come to trade with the hunters and trappers from deep Miekarova. At the gatherings of the people of the Empire, members of the Gremani Family keep this hospitaily alive with fire & mulled cider for the body, and tales & songs for the soul.

The Gremani Stezena are a well respected group of song writers and performers. 

In addition, the Family is a powerful Summer coven.

Part of Varushka

We are playing a close family group, with the aim of creating a totally immersive experience. Camping IC, eating IC etc.

Because we are playing a close family, we aren't looking for members at this point.

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