The Brass Coast – Rumah Sayap

The Freedom to Entertain

Bakin Bensize! I am Guerron of the Rumah Sayap, the House of Wings....Welcome to my House

Please Sit and let us take Syrah while you tell me what it is you need this day.....

You wish to know more of us?
Now there hangs a tale that I am willing to share..

This is our Parador (a House of Entertainments), a lot of us are related even though the ties may be long and thin. However if you are willing to throw in with us then you become a part of the House and therefore part of my Family.

Whatever you do, we will find you a place

Part of The Brass Coast

A Brass Coast Parador.

Looking for Performers, Politicers and Pounders as well as all the important people that help to keep the wheels turning.

We have the Duskguard Kohan for the heavy hitters
Some Corsairs if that floats your boat
Various Lineages
Musicians and singers of different levels
All sorts of Performers
Crafters (OC at the moment, but We are hoping to expand into IC Crafting/Trading.....As soon as there are rules )
Lots of Cake and several Cakists
Fire stuff

What we need
Well, more of the above (can never have too much Cake :D)......
Dancers, Singers, Musicians take note, we will be trying to find a selection of suitable music (Both as tracks and in the Dots for those of you that can read them)

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