Dawn – House de Carsenere

Honour and Virtue

House Carsenere
An imperial lordship, of the Dawn, currently lead by the earl [adam], along with his twin [luke] and their "cousin" [matt][hoping me and matt can take much of the military stuff as adam will probably be politicking, hopefuly senator]  

While the house is mainly Cambion in its leadership this is not true of the rest, with [luke] being wedded to a changeling witch [jenni] and many of the yeomen (following both house Carsenere originally or coming from [jenni's] house) and other lords being of other lineages or human.

there will be possibilities for spell casters, medics, fighters, etc though we are hoping for as many combat characters as possible with a backing of men at arms in the down time so we can have plenty of clout when we go looking for fights which should be fairly often.

there will also be possibilities of inter family politics between the two families

currently seneschal is taken by [phill ritchards] though there will be other "senior" jobs for yeomen especially if we get a senator position or imperial general in the group

main history of the group:

[luke] and [adam] were born Cambion twins to a poor yeoman family in Semmerholm year 346 YE [putting me and adam as 30 subject to change]. Showing great talent from an early age the two passed their tests of mettle to enter house Carsenere with in 2 years of coming of age [could be less just a random number]. It was quickly found that wile the two had the blatant cambion ambition they also showed great distaste for the internal arguments of the empire, preferring to ignore internal rivalries in favour of fighting barbarians, something that the earl of the house greatly approved of. This resulted in the house mounting an ever aggressive campaign into the barrens, until 376 YE when the first Empress was slain in battle along with the earl Carsenere. One week after the battle [adam] was elected the new earl to lead the household. 

Part of Dawn

We are looking for as much combat as we can handle / our stats allow.  As well as this we are hoping to be able to have a reasonable amount of political clout.

As such we are looking for characters of all types, combat or non combat.

All lineages and human allowed -  orcs not allowed due to dawn brief though if you want to make an orc and come demand a test of mettle I don't think anything stops this.

If you want to join please join the forum posted below.


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