Urizen – Halcyon Spire

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To perfect the understanding of the human mind

In the early years of the Empire, a group of researchers founded a specialist Spire in the high peaks of Zenith.  Its goal: to care for those driven to insanity by the influence of magic.  For a while it remained a centre of research into the effects of magic on the mind, attracting some of the finest healers, ritualists, and exorcists that the Empire had to offer, and even broadened its outlook to take care of those afflicted with less magical forms of madness.

Over time, though, the Spire became withdrawn, having less and less to do with the outside world.  News through the Heliopticon became sparse; the stream of scholarly papers slowed to a bare trickle; and though Halcyon continued to take on staff and patients, few of them were ever seen to leave.

In the 370s the Arbiter, Heron, decided to change all this.  He prepared for a delegation to be sent to Anvil to engage once more with the other great minds of the Empire, to partake in the advancement of magical technique, and to spread the aid of the Spire to a greater number of afflicted citizens.
Unfortunately he suffered a catastrophic and violent breakdown with days to go before the journey north.  A young Night ritualist called Eudaemon was hastily elected Chair and Arbiter, and travelled to Anvil as the Spire’s sole representative in Winter 377.

Now convinced of the benefits of Anvil, Eudaemon has determined to bring some of his colleagues along in future – and perhaps some of the inpatients as well…

Part of Urizen

Why join the group?

  • Virtually any character concept is welcome, as long as they’re not completely sane!  Anyone can go mad, you know…
  • There is a strong focus on black comedy and meddling.  Every sort of trouble from petty Board politics to unleashing Day curses at random is encouraged; experimenting with rituals and trauma especially so.  We’re playing the “creepy asylum” trope and milking it for all it’s worth.
  • You can drop in or out freely.  New staff and patients might join at any time; and if you want to move on, you can justify it with your character retiring, recovering, or (more likely) being committed as a Permanent Inpatient.
  • Members can participate in any part of the game; as a group the focus will be on social roleplay and on the Conclave and Hospital, but involvement in these organisations is entirely optional, and you’re welcome to get involved in others.  Fighting in battles is likewise a matter of individual choice.
  • We are not fussy about group kit – the Spire welcomes staff and patients from all walks of life, including other nations (as long as they adopt Urizen nationality).
  • We have a tent on the IC field intended to serve as a comfortable base of operations.
  • If there’s a cool roleplaying effect you’ve seen in the rules and want to try out, we will make that happen!

What do we do?

The group is intended to be good fun, welcoming, and allow members plenty of freedom.
People playing staff members will probably have the most fun as ritualists (particularly Day and Night), physicks, or exorcists, but any build can fit.  Apothecaries, Autumn and Spring ritualists, artisans, miscellaneous priests and magicians, and combat builds can all find a place in the organisation.  If you don’t want to play staff, we welcome patients of absolutely every stripe – and remember that the line between the two is far from clear-cut!

The group is led by the Chair of the Board, who serves as Arbiter.  Currently this is Eudaemon, a calm and professional and not even slightly obsessive naga played by Nyeti.  People joining the group as staff are welcome to take up other Board positions, though please ask first.

Contact Nyeti here, on #maelfroth, by e-mail, or on Facebook if you’re interested.

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