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Help Wanted

Group admins can add a card for your group from your group's page, or if it's not on larp.me, get a group admin to add it.

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Carta Bellamarina

Be indispensible

(Part of The League)

Carta Notturno

The guilt­ beneath the gilt

(Part of The League)

Family Gremani

We show our­ Pride through­ battle & song

(Part of Varushka)

Halcyon Spire

To perfect the­ understanding of­ the human mind

(Part of Urizen)


Home for all­ lost peoples of­ Spiral.

(Part of Urizen)

House d'Acier

To Glory!

(Part of Dawn)

House de Carsenere

Honour and­ Virtue

(Part of Dawn)

House Ramsbruck

A refuge for any­ who have lost­ their homes to­ barbarians

(Part of The Marches)

Rivka's Penance

Respect­ yourself.­ Perfect­ yourself. Pride­ and penance!

(Part of Highguard)

Rumah Sayap

The Freedom to­ Entertain

(Part of The Brass Coast)

Spire of Summer Mist

Knowledge is our­ ambition

(Part of Urizen)

The Bannerless (Hall of Hrafnar)


(Part of Wintermark)

The Cabal of Seventeen Stars

Meddling Weavers

(Part of Dawn)

The House of Ezmara

Scions of the­ Storm

(Part of The Brass Coast)

Ula's Sisterhood

We are ready

(Part of Varushka)

Vale of Triosk

A Price Paid In­ Blood

(Part of Varushka)