The Brass Coast – The Sails of the First Flame

The Sails of the First Flame are a group of tradition bound Corsairs from Midport, Madruga, where the first corsair “raised the flame” – the iconic flag of the Freeborn corsair. The corsairs of Midport are fiercely proud of their rich heritage and ancestry, indeed, most of their ships are family heirlooms, handed down through the generations. Part of their hearth magic stems from these ships, and wrecked or damaged vessels are rarely discarded, but rather preserved or woven into the construction of new boats. The colorful wooden figureheads are especially prized.

The men and women that crew the sails of Midport have a lust for adventure and a passion for the exotic. Their curiosity takes them far and wide, and their cargo is as eclectic and varied as their rainbow attire. This deep grained inquisitiveness can make them fairly reckless, often with disastrous consequences, but some that dare are rewarded with great wealth and prosperity. As privateering has somewhat fallen out of favor, you are much more likely to find the corsairs running trade companies, brokering deals with their fellow citizens, as well making daring runs outside of imperial waters to stock up on alluring and colourful goods from distant lands.

The use of Day magic has sprung up in recent years, and has become a valuable tool for the Freeborn of Midport in their expeditions. 

London based group of LRP pals. We have been LRPing together for many years in various systems and are looking forward to meeting you all at Empire! Group is by invite only at the moment.

For more info email Will Hudson at will.m.hudson@gmail.com

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