The League – The Orphans

Even the most highly evolved creatures have an underbelly, and so it is with civilisations. The loftiest, most enlightened culture will naturally sprout an underclass and this is not to be frowned upon. These lower castes exist to perform the mundane functions, to ensure the detritus that falls from on high does not clog up the wheels of progress.

In this way, the lower castes are more symbiotes than parasites. Most of them don't expect a free-ride, sucking the blood from the host while doing nothing. Many of them serve essential roles, working hard to keep the organs of the city functioning, while striving to grow beyond their origins. The rag-tag commoners known as The Orphans strive more than most.

Formed in a melting pot of poverty, starvation and criminality, The Orphans were born of in-justice, neglect... and a keen business sense. Their strengths lie within their status, lowly but able. Fiercely loyal and always willing to do what needs doing.

Part of The League

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