The Brass Coast – The House of Ezmara

The House of Ezmara
~Scions of the Storm~

“Come now and be welcome among us. The fire is warm, the wine is flowing, and tonight you dine with the Freeborn. On the morrow, the family leaves to find another adventure and all are welcome to join us.

“Let me tell you something about the family of Ezmara my friend. Our merchant ships ride the seas and storms, fearless of the biting wind and hungry wave. We have faced the Horde and laughed in its face. Though we command no kohan and lay claim to no hakima, all those who choose to defend their family and honoured among us. Throughout the ages past we have never bowed our heads in submission to defeat and despair, choosing instead to fight back until our fate turns to victory and joyous celebration, always secure in the knowledge that with family standing at our back we will come safely home.”

The House of Ezmara is a lively group with trading interests across the Empire and beyond, an infamous travelling parador, and a fleet of ships. Any cousins who wish to join their family are sure of finding a place and a warm welcome here.

Contact Evan Healey, Gina Kennedy, or John Clay on Facebook for an invitation to the private group.

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