The Brass Coast – The Celesti

The Celesti are what is known in Brass Coast as a "Hakima", a learned cabal of mages hailing from Kahraman, who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of magical skill and arcane knowledge. 

Being of a pragmatic mind, The Celesti recognise that power comes in many forms and that it is important to master control of all avenues of power for it to be used responsibly.

Potentia Est Nihili Sine Temperantia.

The Celesti is a group of made up of LRP friends from various different systems around the country with varying levels of experience.

Our aim is to provide a fun roleplay group that focuses on immersion, with a positive "can do" attitude.  Empire is an opportunity for big ideas, to really push the envelope of what is achievable in UK LRP and since this is the first time we have all come together to form a group like this, we really want to make a splash!

A large part of being The Celesti is about is the group effort.  Everyone will have a role to play in the organisation of the group and every character will have a role that is valued.  

Performance is also a key part of who The Celesti are and we will encourage all members to participate in anyway they can, while providing training to those people who want to learn how to sing or dance, to play instruments and play with fire.

Currently the group is invite only but we will be looking to expand our numbers in the future and we are more than happy to offer performance training to anyone on the field.

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