The Brass Coast

The rolling pampas breeds a people driven by a hunger for life. Never be afraid to speak your mind, be bold and adventurous and take joy in life and the wealth that daring brings.
The Freeborn look is one of bright colours, silks, jewels, and sumptuousness. They admire ornate or bejewelled items. To the Freeborn, a brilliant craftsman is one who can make something elegant as well as sturdy. Their weapons and armour are often engraved or adorned, but they are not fatuous, and do not compromise utility for the sake of appearance. Jewellery is very common with the best pieces, like necklaces, crowns or tiaras, designed to frame the wearer's hands or face. The image of the flame is central to the Freeborn culture; they believe i

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The Brass Coast is a system faction

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