Wintermark – The Bannerless (Hall of Hrafnar)

The hall of Hrafnar, the Ravens Hall, was a place of peace and tranquillity. It is said that in times of yore a single Raven lead Alrik Hamrisson deep into the Mountains one day to a rock upon which it carved two runes.

Evrom Gralm.

Alrik took this as a sign that a new Hall should be built here in this Mountain territory. He did and the Hall was named Hrafnar as a dedication to the Ravens Wisdom. Since then the Hall as been prosperous with many deep Mines into the Mountain. The riches of the mines and the skill of the runesmiths enabled a great weath to befall the hold. however the Hall would always be associated with the Virtue of Wisdom, as symbolised by the sign of the Raven. 


First came the howling of the wind through the mountian pass. Then the snow; A white wall that blocked all sight. From that white bleakness came the Orcs. Thousands of them poured through the Mountain pass like a great green river. The snow hid them until it was to late. Thane Hanmir Hrafn gathered his warriors too him and bid 100 of his finest take leave though the mines with those who were not combat ready, giving command of this group to his son Thanmir. 

Thanmir lead the warriors and the inhabitants of the Hall through the deep delvings of the mines and out into the blizzard to the south of the battle where a mighty crashing was herd as the mountain above the Hall appeared to collapse down upon the Hall. The people of Hrafnar knew then that the Hall had been lost to them.

For several days the group wandered through the blizzard, avoiding marauding Barbarians and armies of Orcs that seemed everywhere in Skarsind. Lost in the snow Thanmir feared for the people that were now his responsibility, until out of the dead of night it came, a Raven as pure white as the snow. For four days it lead the people of Hrafn south to Hahnmark and out of the unnatural storm. There Thanmir took the Great Banner of Hrafn from his banner bearer and folded it. He then swore that the banner would never be unfurled until it could be flown above the hall of Hrafnar. 

Since this the people of Hrafnar have wandered Wintermark, fighting with their people where ever they were needed. It is said that should any Hall fly the symbol of the Raven apon their walls then the people of Hrafnar will answer that call for aid. They people of Hrafnar are particularly known for their dislike of Orcs and will rarely turn down an opportunity to be involved in fighting their kind.


Whilst most Hrafnar hold a hatred for Orc kind amd some desire for revenge for what they have done, none would tolerate the use of this as a driving force for ones skien. Wisdom in all thinks should be the decider for any decision

A group of Wintermarkers from Skarsind. Their hall was destroyed by Orcs under the cover of the blizzard. The group consists of those from the hall who managed to survive. The group is loosely based on the story of "The White Dwarf" from GW's Warhammer game.

Any member of Wintermark is welcome to join regardless of Sub culture.

Group Creater -> Mike Francis (Jag on #Maelstrom/#larp)
ungrim97@hotmail.com or http://www.facebook.com/michael.francis.5623

Current Group Members -> 1

Group Roles -> 1 Thane (Thanmir Hrafn (Known as "The White Raven"))

Group Symbol -> The Raven (http://www.flaggen-shop.ch/pics/wikinger-raven-1107b.gif)

Part of Wintermark

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