The League – The Archmage Nicovar Collegiate Fellowship of the Arts

Founded by the controversial Emperor Nicovar many years ago, ANCFOTA is Holberg's eccentric, but academically sound college for mages and medics. Unlike Holberg University, this specialist academy has a strong bias towards the study of ritual magic. But it is also home to a thriving and innovatively hands-on medical department. It even has its own mortuary (in a siege, these things become a necessity.)

Its Extracurricular Holberg Defence Force regularly sends a company to the Wolves of War. Professor Evander "no longer currently a sorcerer" Slak is college Chaplain; Anika von Holberg is Dean; Professor Beatrix Amalia von Holfried zu Holberg is Head of Healing Arts. 

The college motto is "The Truth Endures". Its crest is a phoenix emerging from a burning tower. Make of that what you will. 

Everyone's favourite mage-and-medic Holberg college.

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