Urizen – Spire of Summer Mist

Welcome to the lowest Spire in Redoubt, traveller! Please, remove your boots and dry off by our hearth. The journey here is difficult, I know, and many a traveller finds themselves struggling to tell the difference between the natural marshlights and the waylights we place to guide them here, but you are here now. How long are you here for? Many researchers will only stay for a year or two, but this Spire offers unprecedented opportunities to study the flora and fauna that reside here, or on the interplay of the seasons on the great wheel of the year.

If you are a new arrival, then it must be summer, for it is only during the misty summer months that the ground around us is dry enough for heavy carts and baggage trains to make it here. Unpredictable Autumn storms give way to cold and ice in the Winter around here, and crossing the marshes and lakes that surround us can be treacherous. When Spring comes and the first warmth touches the ground, the ice melts and the marshes become all but impassable as the water level rises. Do not panic, we are on a high enough rise that we have not been washed away, yet. The risks here are great, but the rewards to a curious mind are far greater. Our ritualists have suspected that the Eternals are at play here to create such weather extremes, but the master of your spire would know that or he would not have sent you here to study.

Or perhaps you have a more alchemical bent to your curiosity? Well in that case, the flora here are unique and offer fantastic opportunities to study their magical properties, if one is willing to brave the fauna that stalk and hunt and fly amongst the reeds.  This is not a place with a great library full of ancient writings. This spire is dynamic and the tomes here are ones we have produced ourselves from our findings. We often joke that spending a month in the marsh can save one several hours of research in a library, but of course we always find new things in the marshes and time out there is rarely misspent! It is this way that new things are discovered and that the Empire is made great by what we find.

This spire has been created as a reletively new one and will be small in numbers. We hope it is open to all with an oppurtunity to grow it into a larger spire.
We live on the edge, constantly threatened by barbarians and beasts alike but with an oppurtunity to explore the unknown, to oppose the enemy and to unlock the secrets the game has to offer. We will be relying on strong arms, keen minds and shrewd politicians and traders to see us succeed.

To be here you might have a keen and curious mind, an ambitious drive, the knowledge that you can succeed, a want to test yourself, a place away from the norm where only harsh decisions will see the spire continue.

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