The Brass Coast – Rumah Sayap

Bakin Bensize! I am Guerron of the Rumah Sayap, the House of Wings....Welcome to my House

Please Sit and let us take Syrah while you tell me what it is you need this day.....

You wish to know more of us?
Now there hangs a tale that I am willing to share..

Where do I start this story?

Let me see do I start with how the Dhomino met the Duskguard Kohan , or how we travel the Empire entertaining as we go?

Maybe how our Corsairs guard the coasts and extend our ability to trade with other Nations?

So much to tell you about the Parador, we do not hold one thing dear to us, we live life to the fullest and reap the rewards that are earned; the search for enjoyment in life is the motivation behind the actions of those who are part of Rumah Sayap.

A Brass Coast Parador.
We welcome any and all concepts especially Entertainers
We also have an allied Kohan for the warrior types
Mix of Human and Lineage at present, although Imperial Orcs would also be welcome

Facebook group, currently a Closed group..... Have a look around and let us know if you want more access


Contact via Facebook
Chrissie Priestley
Clare Brewer
Forge Corvus
Alex Humphreys

[Rumah Sayap Website]

Part of The Brass Coast

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