Highguard – Rivka's Penance

Rivka's Penance is focused on Pride, and the pursuit of virtue through self-denial and penance. IC chapter rules will apply to all characters, but not to their players - breaking our chapter rules is out-of-character entirely okay, as long as you're okay with the IC consequences.

The feel of the group is monastic, focused on Synod politics and slipping gently into decadence. We're still following the rules set down by our founder. Mostly. Honest. We are vegetarian, like Rivka told us to be, and Bacon Club is a vile and baseless rumour. It definitely doesn't meet every second Wednesday. We wear our chapter robes, and if the clothes underneath are a bit finer than they technically have to be, well, that's not actually against the rules. That kind of thing. Breaches of minor rules will probably be let slide IC, especially if you don't get caught.

Lineaged characters are entirely welcome, although IC we will consider it our duty to remind you regularly that you're not as good as a plain human.

The main group is not focused on combat. We're Highborn, and we will go to the walls if the Empire needs us, but we're not soldiers. That said, if individual characters want to get involved in battles, that's fine. It's just not what the group is primarily about.

The intent is that the group should have an IC home base, from which people can largely pursue their own ambitions. There will be at least one public church service every event, at which chapter members will be IC expected to be present, and probably small group-only things at noon and sunset. Again, think monastic life - you turn up to Matins and Compline equivalents and do your own thing in between.

The chapter is currently led by Exarch Kezia, played by Bunny, who is unswerving in her dedication to the Way of Virtue, and tends to give people cups of tea and biscuits and say "tell me all about it".

Roles available:
The Chapter needs a second-in-command, who will be responsible for the financial doings of the group. Talk to Bunny if you're interested in that, as he needs it to be someone he's confident of working with.
Head of Novices - the person responsible for assigning penance and ongoing duties to people who aren't yet trusted to guide their own steps along the Way.
Ordinary members of the Chapter can be either full members (you decide your own penances) or novices (you have to do the penances you're given by whoever's responsible for you). Priests should be focused on Pride, as should most other members, but there is room for non-priests to be dedicated to some other virtue if you really want to.

Contact Bunny at bryony.cain care of googlemail.com

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