The Marches – House Ramsbruck

The Ramsbrucks are an ancient Marcher family, tracing their lineage (they say) directly back to to days of the rebellion in Dawn. Of moderate size and power, their lands incorporated a few sheep-infested rocky outcroppings on the border of the Bregas and the Mourn, giving way to fenland good only for fishing and growing flax. As a house they have a consistent tradition of breeding Cambion, and in the last few centuries developed a reputation for being inward-looking and somewhat paranoid, particularly towards other lineages. When the Mourn was lost, the then Steward Alfred of Ramsbruck lost both his children and the majority of yeomen of his household, all of whom has answered the nation's call to arms. With an empty keep and no prospect of the lands being farmed, he took the unexpected (though pragmatic) step of opening his doors to the refugees from the Mourn who had lost their lands and families. Although many came, most were either children or the elderly, and there simply were not enough hands to work much of the land, and due to this (and several crippling losses of herds to Feni), House Ramsbruck's holdings have been dwindling in recent years and the grazing pushed Northwest by other households. The majority of farms are now between the village of Greywater and the border of the Empire, and you are as likely to find a member of House Ramsbruck tending a herb garden or panning for precious metal in the Fens as you are to find one herding sheep. However, as that generation of children has grown and Alfred Ramsbruck retired to a monastery, the long, hard process of reclaiming the Ramsbruck Household's wealth and status has begun.

Name – House Ramsbruck
Territory - Bregasland
Livery colours – Red & Blue

Playing someone who has lost their home to barbarians? Come join House Ramsbruck!

27 years ago, Mournwold was declared lost. Ramsbruck is a sheepfarming household made up of survivors/refugees from the Mourn and the landowners (in Bregasland) who took them in. Characters could have lost family members or simply fled from their holdings - most will have been young children when they fled, or born in Bregasland to displaced Mournwolders. They could have started anew as fishermen/whatever or be obsessed with taking back their homes. Or they could be Bregaslanders from smaller houses (sworn to Ramsbruck) who gave employment to the people fleeing the Mourn and now treat them as family.

This is a very flexible group with room for pretty much any character/subgroup concept. We currently have fighters, bards, physicks and traders so the group will support people who want to be well-travelled and get a lot of game outside the group as well as internal group roleplay.

Style of play: totally egalitarian/democratic, lots of music, child-friendly but not expecting you to limit your roleplay, hopefully IC cooking and eating.

Part of The Marches

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