Dawn – House Morgen / Morning House

Colours: Green and Blue

Symbol: Rising Sun against a blue sky with green hills bisected by a river in the foreground.

House Location - Astolat, about 20 miles north of Oldheart



House Morgen is a small Noble House of Dawn which runs an Orphanage called The Morning House. It takes in children from all over the Empire who need help and shelter.



House Morgen was orignally an old trading house that would trade between

Temeschwar and Seren, passing the goods and trade on into the rest of Dawn. It made many riches in the days of old, but as time went on, the trade began to fall.


In more recent years, the House kept watch over the lands on the edge of Dawnish territory, still trying to trade where it could. Slowly the numbers of Knights and Yeomen in the house began to fall, and soon the House was only the Lord and his wife.


House Morgen looked like it was soon going to fade into the history books as Earl Morgen's wife died, leaving him Childless. However, it seemed like the Eternals were looking down on Earl Morgen, as a few days later, he found a young Child wandering through the lands. The child was from the Marches, and his family had just been wiped out by a landslide, leaving him Orphaned.


Earl Morgen adopted the child and named him Nascien. Nascien grew up taking on the Dawnish traditions, and served in the Imperial Army as a Pathfinder in order to complete his Test of Mettle.

After a decent and honoruable service in the Army, Nasicen returned home to complete his Test. Once he did, Nascien and his adopted father began to build an Orphanage, moved by the sights that Nasicen had seen when scouting at the edge of Barbarian lands, and the kindness shown by other Orphanages and his own adopted father.

Shortly before the Orphanage was completed, Earl Grendle Morgen passed away, leaving the Earldom of House Morgen to Nascien, who named the Orphanage after the House which had taken him in.


Nascien now uses the contact he made during his time in the army, and his knowledge of the world to help bring people together and look after children who need shelter and help. He hopes in the long term that his kindness will be able to repay that of those who helped him in his time of need.

Morning House is a group of students and volunteers attending Empire from a school just south of Bristol.

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