Dawn – House de Carsenere

main history of the group:
A young noble house having been formed in 330 YE (46 years ago) when a charismatic cambion Aramis split from house Videre and convinced several knights of the house that the his ambition of conquering the barrens could be realised. Moving to Drycastle what followed was 8 years of bloody campaigns, with little gain being made, culminating in the Earls death in 338 YE.

He was succeeded by Hagan a female changeling, who worked on coordinating with the Navaar, and defending Drycastle. Passing away in 373 YE she was replaced by Tristram de Carsenere who once again began perusing more aggressive tactics. Following the young empress's appointment to the throne the house began making preparations for a full campaign in the barrens however the young empress died before such a campaign could properly begin.

We are looking for as much combat as we can handle / our stats allow.  As well as this we are hoping to be able to have a reasonable amount of political clout.

As such we are looking for characters of all types, combat or non combat.

All lineages and human allowed -  orcs not allowed due to dawn brief though if you want to make an orc and come demand a test of mettle I don't think anything stops this.

If you want to join please join the forum posted below.

[House de Carsenere Website]

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