Urizen – Frosted Spire Aflame

Ah, welcome, traveller. Sit yourself by the fire. The road to Frosted Spire Aflame is steep and some of the route is treacherous with ice and snow. The mountains of Zenith are tall enough to touch the heavens if you stand on tip-toe, but this does make them somewhat inaccessible. No doubt you saw the mountaintop for which this spire is named while you climbed here: at this time of day the sun catches on the snow and it blazes with a blinding light.

I take it you have come to see our library? The main spire has four levels entirely devoted to our collection, and anyone can see the books. Just below these are the scribing levels, where we copy out any information a visitor may wish to take away. All the knowledge within the library is free to share to those who would seek it. Some who live here dedicate their lives to learning and discovery, while others work hard to produce many copies of our scrolls, books and parchments so that others might read them. In our reading room, we invite all guests to talk to one another about their business, for here in Frosted Spire we do not believe in secrets.

Truth is like a glaciar: clear, beautiful, and larger than it is possible to comprehend. But it is only through seeking truth that one can attain Arete. How might one be Wise in ignorance? What Courage is there in stupidity?

There are some particularly interesting reads, although the library levels are towards the top of the spire. You will have a lot of stairs to climb, I am afraid.  

We share the knowledge in our library, and indeed all knowledge, freely. Decisions made in the light of wisdom have less chance of being those decisions made poorly. Would you like some supper first, or to head up there now? A keen scholar, excellent. I shall see something is sent up for you, although you cannot eat in the library itself. Now, which section would you like to see first?

This group is primarily Torchbearers, described in more detail on the Urizen page of the Empire wiki. Essentially, we are dedicated to finding knowledge, starting with but not exclusively political, and spreading it to as many people as possible.

It is accomodating in terms of character concepts. Most of the current interested players are planning to be lineaged and wizards to some degree but this is not a requirement. In fact, having members in different areas such as the Bourse and the Military allows for a wider field of information!

Likely to be a small numbers group.

Part of Urizen

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