The League – Carta Notturno

The guilt beneath the gilt

The Carta Notturno is a Guild based in the League city of Sarvos. It was originally an alliance of street traders, brothel madames and petty mages who all plyed their trade in the infamous Night Market in the Piazza della Notte in Sarvos. The original Guild banded together for mutual protection from street thugs and political opponents who disapproved of their activities. Since its founding, the Guild has had a few lucky breaks, mostly by profiting from the misfortunes of others, and has become an influential element of city politics. It has diversified and expanded its operations to include all sorts of skilled and useful individuals, and now stands at a point where it can influence the League as a whole. However, the Carta still retains the reputation in Sarvos of being a hive of decadence, criminality and debauchery - whether this is deserved or not remains to be seen.

Carta Notturno is a Guild based on the alliance of a bunch of shadowy, night-time businesspeople, whose main motivation is their own benefit, and have accepted that by pooling their efforts all the members of the guild benefit. That means that we aim to use the abilities and resources of the group to help members of the group in their endeavours, with the expectation that they will then put back in and help other group members, there by improving the group as a whole. Not a new concept we know but that’s the way we like to work.

We are fairly open on recruitment, because of the background all Linages except Briar and Changling are welcome, as are any character concepts that fit the background. Military or Noble characters are possible but bodyguards and nouveau-rich are more likely variations.

If your interested drop us a mail and we can discuss concepts, judgefredmk2@googlemail.com

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