The League – Carta Bellamarina

"Be indispensible."

Carta Bellamarina is one of the oldest guilds in the city of Sarvos.  Historically the guild had a monopoly on fishing rights within a portion of Sarvos' territorial waters, but has expanded its remit considerably to encompass control over trade in a portion of Sarvos dockside, as well as banking and commerce between League Nations.  The Guild has a reputation as a patron of the Arts, with performing companies among its members.  Its influence has waned in recent years due to internal strife (since resolved) and the loss of some territory in the flooding of Cariomare, but Bellamarina has vowed to meet the challenges created by the death of the Empress head on and to strengthen itself and the Empire at the same time.
Contact by email to bellamarina@coraline.org.

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