Navarr – Bronwen's Rest

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"Bronwen rested here in her old age, after fifty years walking the Trods of Therunin."

Bronwen's Rest is a Navarr wayhouse in the west of Therunin (roughly where the E of Therunin is on the large-scale map). Situated as it is on a Trod and near to both Highguard and Urizen, it tends to be fairly busy with passing travellers, mostly Navarr stridings but the occasional trader as well.

We can support pretty much any concept- a settled Navarr who lives and works at the wayhouse is an obvious option, but there are some group members playing characters for whom it is a regular stop on their travels rather than a home. We have an "attached" Striding, the Broad-Backed, who return every few months, and also a few lone travellers. This means that your character can be as "isolated" or "integrated" a Navarr as you want, costume and roleplay wise; an isolated Navarr in the group is likely to see the wayhouse as one of the few safe places they visit on their travels and so have got to know its inhabitants quite well as they pass through.

At events, we'd like to be able to provide almost any non-game mechanical thing on the field that people might want. Food, drink, and various sundries like pencils, paper and string will be for sale, and we're hoping to be the place to go to look up a ritual, get your trousers mended, or be tattooed.

We expect that around half the group will take part in the battles, though they will not be a major focus of our game, which will centre more around information gathering and dissemination, and as much (or as little) politicking and religioning as each member wants for themself. Our intention is to provide a base of operations from which individual characters can do whatever appeals to them most- which isn't everyone's cup of tea, but suits many roleplaying styles rather well.

Oh, and many group members like social roleplay, ballgowning and detailed backgrounds that might never come up in play but inform IC decisions. These are by no means compulsory, but if that's your sort of thing we heartily encourage it!

Recruitment: To join, someone already in the group should be able to vouch for you not being a dick. We ask that you do not create characters with existing plans to work against the group, the nation, or the Empire, in order to make a more pleasant IC environment in which we don't need to play Do We Trust The Newbie, as it is a bit crap to not let a new player join in fully with Group Stuff.

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