Friar Alan

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Alan Young

AKA Friar Alan

Friar of King’s Stoke, Gatekeeper of Loyalty.

Born into a family of mages, Alan showed no aptitude whatsoever for magic and thus gravitated to the only other career that allowed him to spend time with books - the clergy.  Following that he served as the senior priest in King's Stoke alongside Friar Harald and the Threshers.  He travelled quite a lot, but always returned to the village.

For some reason, his bluntness, poor decisions, questionable social skills, and generally grubby appearance were ignored by the rest of the Loyalty Assembly, and he was appointed Gatekeeper at the end of 376.  It looked to be the start of a promising career in the Synod, and he started to develop a romance with Cora Holdfast of the Navarr.

Sadly, however, it was not to be.  At the first battle of the Winter Solstice 377 he was mortally wounded while fighting with the rearguard, and died in his cousin Ed’s arms, talling him to guide Ros and tell Cora that he loved her.


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