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Satrah Felltree

AKA Satrah

Satrah Falltree, Originally a one-off kender Berserker

The world is fun, and shiny, and good to kender. Satrah travels the country, jumping from caravan to caravan like a particularly colourful frog. He's pretty well paid for doing it, but most of his money gets spent on swords (which he tends to lose when he gets cross), shinies (which he tends to lose anyway), or just generally lost. He likes the bar, because it's shiny. Blood is also shiny, but only when it is fresh. Old blood is dull, uninteresting, and difficult to remove from shiny things :-(

So, I statted Satrah two years ago as a one off berserker to use some kit I had lying around. He wasn't supposed to last more than an interactive, but in fact lasted an interactive, the following Linear, and two years since. He was elected king of the Kender in summer of 1289, and spent most of the following year cleaning up after Unity. Then he went on the PBB the next year and got his leg cut off. Since then he's been leading the Kender and gradually coming to learn how to lead, when to lead, and what to do. So, when Mallan was given permission to awaken Kender, they had a long chat, and now we have a berserker with triples and halts.

This may be fun.


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Status for Fiction

Go forth. for standard stuff, Not without specific permission for NSFW.