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Gretchen scientists made a colossal breakthrough in Hive Town, a monstrous city that towers over the weakened and arguably dying human empire. Through the work of some of the most mad and brilliant mechanics the Gretchens have successfully managed to activate one of the several gates intertwined with the Acacianic doctrine of the prophet, the sole recognised faith within the land.

In keeping with the Gretchen methodological approach known as you go first the Gretchen high command has opened up their first expedition to unknown parts to many of their allies, such as the imperial forces and the guilds, as well as other interested parties such as the Cetus duchies and the East Provinces Company. Under considerable pressure and despite their misgivings expeditionary interests from the Acacianic Church as well as the Brankovici orthodox faith have also been accepted.

What has been discovered on the other side of the looking glass was not as expected.