Us makes no claim on copyright or ownership of any system details, characters or user-created elements of the site. We make reasonable efforts to require our users to verify permission to reproduce photographs or documents, but in the event we are hosting items or elements without permission, we will take them down upon request by the original copyright holder or their representatives.

These policies are not complete. This is not a black and white line with people in the Right and in the Wrong, most of the time. We will listen to arguments from both sides before acting.


The site is for sharing information between groups and between the wider community. Elements that are hidden from public view are clearly marked, along with the details of who can see them. We expect you not to bypass these restrictions, or by external methods (such as the terribly complicated methods of email, printing or talking) share posted information with those excluded.

The site will not abide racism, homophobia, xenophobia or any other hate campaign. Those who perpetrate such will be blocked from the network, their profiles cleared and replaced with a message of why.

The above policy does not apply to in-universe xenophobia or hate campaigns, but if an OC grudge is clearly being hidden behind an IC figleaf, we'll treat it as OC.


Where is hosting event details and booking systems, any booking agreement entered into is between the user and the event host, and no legal responsibility is accepted by us for any issue that may arise. If someone is being defrauded though this site, do report it and action against their account may be taken.


Use of the site is at your own risk, and no warranty is provided for features of this site.

Updates of this document

This document may be updated, use of the site assumes acceptance of it. Reasonable notice will be given to current users of the site of any changes to this document, and changes will be highlighted.

Revised 2012-08-19 by Nicholas, Warranty and T&C update clauses added