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Tyranny of tiny updates

Tue, 04 Oct 2016

No big things to announce, yet, but a few smaller updates have gone through:

  • [Events] Change error message on events editing where ends < start
  • [Events] Fix bug where events would lose Official Event status
  • [Events] Make datetime entry in events suck a great deal less
  • [Groups] Add group taglines
  • [Groups] Fix group display to display taglines and not display empty sets
  • [System] Add custom name for factions so Empire’s factions can be called Nations
  • [Systems] Add text-based filtering to systems list
  • Fix some login errors
  • phpcs whitespace formatting
  • Remove debug that broke the display of non-System characters
  • Speculative fixes for Apache logging
  • Generic formatting for form validation


Upcoming Events

Next Dev Plans

  • Upgrade Bootstrap
  • Upgrade Codeigniter
  • Email notifications configure
  • Swap Create tiles for buttons in the white block
  • Recently Added Systems